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SEO also known as search engine optimization comprises of multiple factors including keywords, content, website structure, links and much more.


How we can help:

  • Audit your website and make recommendations
  • Provide detailed reporting and analytics
  • Create content and landing pages
  • Manage website on your behalf
  • Provide regular SEO checks and reporting
  • Local SEO





An initial free audit to identify your SEO needs.


Content creation, site structure, & more.

SEO Packages

From one-time to ongoing, we have a package for you.


With SEO assistance from Argent, we can help you increase your organic (FREE) revenue. After an initial free SEO audit, we can identify your top SEO needs. From one-time clean-up to ongoing SEO packages, Argent can work to find the best solution for your budget.

  • Meta Descriptions & Headers

    Meta descriptions and heading tags assist search engines in interpreting and reading the content of your website. The meta description provides a short summary of what the website is about and the heading tags help organize and prioritize the topics within the website. Titles, headings and the meta description are all important in improving your search engine rankings.


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  • Keywords & Content Development

    Including relevant keywords within your website is a vital part of  good website SEO strategy. Identifying and targeting keywords for your business will help improve your rankings which results in more revenue. From creating new content to building landing pages, Argent can assist.


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  • Local SEO

    Local SEO helps potential customers find your business by searching for businesses “near me.” These lisitngs typically show up in the Google Business Listing section of a search result. Having a verified Google My Business listing is free! Of course there are many other local listings that you may want to include such as Yelp and others.



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  • Image Optimization

    Google image searches are an important part of the search process so properly naming your images as well as using alt text for accessible website viewing should play a role in your SEO.



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  • Errors & Issues

    A variety of errors can prevent your website or certain pages from being correctly indexed by Google. An audit can help identify these problems and Argent can help you get them fixed!



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  • Data & Reporting

    Monitor performance, identify trends, discover new keywords and review any errors with detailed data and reporting. Argent can setup the tools for you to collect reporting on your own or deliver monthly reports for you.


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How do the search engines determine rankings?

Many factors can determine your website’s rankings including traffic, keywords, bouce rates, links and more. Creating an SEO strategy can assist you in becoming more visible within Google and other platforms.

Is SEO free?

Organic search is free! Ranking higher can help reduce costs in advertising, however it takes knowledge and time to achieve results. Partnering with Argent can help you get there!

Can I do SEO myself?

While some basic SEO practices can be handled by individuals with knowledge and time, achieving significant results often requires expertise, resources, and ongoing effort.

How long does it take to improve search results rankings?

The process can take time, but results are typically seen between 3-6 months but it can vary based on industry, comeptition and changes made.


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